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lirik lagu best in the burbs – chris webby


i’m rollin’ safe and sound
easy as a blaze a pound
put my middle fingers in the air
and never take it down
writing raps for me is easy
i just play around
hit em with these crazy adverbs and outrageous nouns
and still no labels found me and f-ckin signed me yet
and though i grow impatient
i know my time is next
i’m a big dog, y’all are tiny pets
i’m an autobot, i got it tatted on my chest
optimus primes my motherf-ckin bodyguard
so i hit em with these you can never stop me bars
i’m at the sake bar
gettin blacked out
till i wake up on the sidewalk p-ssed out
the judge is tellin me this is my last chance
so i gotta stay grinding like a lap dance
got b-tches bendin over like they got a back cramp
insert below the lower back tat, d-mn
i’m why your girlfriend lacks pants, huh
steady, work her out like its fat camp
uh, yo, somebody grab a trash can
sh-t, at least somewhere to ash man
i gotta dutch lit, rappin with soul
leave you with a fat lip like you’re packin some skoal
cause i do it for the franklins
i’m a blue whale and the games full of plankton
i’m a vet, a top threat
known to rock sets
tear it the f-ck down for dj
i’m ballin truly so y’all should shoot me
you can see me on that online call of duty
smack booty, i’m rude and intrusive, hardly lucid
hittin dj booth with that exclusive
i need no excuses
i spit that crack
play fetch with the disc jockey bring that sh-t back
they said asher’s the best in the burbs
well at least that’s what they said
and that’s for one reason
cause they ain’t heard web
i make a mean song, plus i kick it from the head
always buzzin off the add meds, hempstead!
to ct you know i make the best studda
no will ferrel but you better step brudda
ha, that’s why your girl’s -ss bare
i hit it, and didn’t pay for the cab fare
now relax there,don’t get p-ssed off
i’m the survivor on my island, and you been kicked off
think this kid’s soft? r.o.f.l
i got the look, got the swag, and a flow that sells
my reputation so excels so just stop
i do more then watch for s-x, drugs, and rock
i’m silly and such, fillin a dutch
battlin dudes who simply suck
then go f-ck hillary duff
tryin to rap it with my d-ck in the b-tt
and spit fire, so i’m sorry lizzie mcguire
see, i’m rappin past the throttle
i’ll crack a bottle
so you better get the f-ckin picture like a graphic
i got your little b-st-rd boggled
you couldn’t f-ck with me even if we spittin at a
cause i be killin em like hostile
murderous with words
that’s why they sayin webby is the best up in the burbs