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lirik lagu cocaine wonderland – christ dillinger


i get out of bed and drink a fifth of henny
bad b*tches i got plenty
got time to hate on me? you should get a job
d*ckriding is not a job
trappin the same fifth in a few days like steve jobs
rappers making scores like ?? patrick mahomes
me and the plug like hobbs and shaw
n*** run up on me imma break his jaw
in my comments hatin i ain’t know who you is
i ain’t f*ck your mom you is not my kid
ian hit the dope and he cannot stop dancin
i hit the dope and i cannot stop dancin
her p*ssy stinkin her bootyhole brown
her p*ssy don’t stink her bootyhole not brown
im like lil uzi vert i flooded her face
i cannot tell thе time all these rocks in thе face
take a triple stock im alive again
your favorite rapper dead never gonna be alive again
my people love me because i got good cocaine
i know you suckin my d*ck but i forgot your name
bands in my pockets and im fresh as f*ck
i step in the club and im f*ckin it up
walk in the trap ahhhh im f*ckin it up
had to bring my hood on me like im down with the klux
these rappers down low and they don’t wanna come out
you put henny in me and hits come out
fein hit the dope and he can’t stop dancin
i hit the dope and i can’t stop dancin
this song sound like the 80s back
if i was alive in the 80s i wouldve been selling crack
i was alive in the 2010s so i will sell cocaine
[?] lil wayne
i sold a white boy 8th for 80 dollars
i told like three 6 mafia i popped my collar
haters like out of 22 watching me f*ck
pr*nouns not the reason why you broke as f*ck
n*** talking to out of 22 after he watched his b*tch get f*cked
how the f*ck you still going on no jumper talking to a n*** who watched his b*tch get f*cked
hit the dance floor and im going insane
i feel like marlon wayan and major payne
i eat sleep and breathe is war
got a cup of lean in the side door
my b*tch get scared every time i go to sleep
im on so much drugs i feel just like yeat
f*ck a n*** b*tch just like skete
see me out in public you might think imma tweak
shorty in the club all she wanna do is dance
ass way too fat it can’t fit in my hands
i’m not d savage but i’m dirty dan
white boys strapped up like we in afganistan
ass way too fat it can’t fit in her pants
b*tch got her ex name tatted gotta cover it up
b*tch text me at 3 am down bad as f*ck
haters in the crib doing ?? down bad as f*ck
adam don’t wanna admit it but he got cucked
you are 40 years old you got cucked that’s it
unc hit the dope and he just did a split
if you a racist n*** you got a small d*ck
being racist for n*** with d*cks
im not a racist because i hate everyone

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