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lirik lagu spy – christian tucker


you don’t give me b-tterflies
you give me caterpillars
its just a reminder that we’ve got a whole lot to come yet
we’re just getting started

see, i don’t call fear by his first name
or second
never -ssert the offer, he’s never a sir or doctor
because the only thing that follows fear is stagnation

and as much as i believe that this is made to be
and don’t hear me wrong, i will wait to see
i still believe that maybe dreams are less like fireflies
that light up a night sky, like beautiful stars, but rest when everyone’s busy

but more like wind up cars
you hold them, still
stay with it, play with it and wind it up until that things no longer yours
because it’s run off the kitchen table

i’d pull my heart right off my sleeve
like a magician pulls a rabbit from his hat
and hang it from your bedroom lightbulb
so every morning you woke up
you’d see my heart light up like that
and beat faster and faster
and i hope it will light up your room
as much as you light mine even when you’re not around
because i don’t put my heart on the line
i put it on the light

why should we worry about time?
the clock has its own pair of hands to hold onto
watch that thing go round until it loses them like dr. no

and if you don’t know that reference maybe i take this all back
see when i was nine, the first time i told a girl i liked her
i chickened out and asked not if she wanted to be my girlfriend
but if she wanted be a spy

and that’s what i’m asking here
im asking we go undercover
and not like undercovers because i know my mum is listening
but lets do our own thing

investigate, infiltrate, hijack this enemy they call love
i’ve heard its the strongest weapon
i heard, in just a second it could cure anything against it
so are you with me?

don’t fall into love
triple front flip without the t-tanium harness
as we dive head first, fear second