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lirik lagu 112 / twin flame – christian wang


running outta time
gotta count the days
when, can i see your face
you got me going crazy
you’re the one in my daydream
you’re my angel and you save me
you’re my angel and you save me

one one two, that’s your number so i call on you
it was destiny that lead to you
thank you cupid for things you do
like it’s autumn i’ma fall for you
flowers bloom flowers die
still remember that november night
it was me who you sat right beside
we are stronger when we reunite
think i caught some feelings down the line

you are so far away, when can i see your face
i think you’re my twin flame
i know you’re my twin flame
infatuated so infatuated, ever since i met you i been elevated
you’re so full of goals it got me motivated
i’m a better person, now you taught me patience
got my lasers on you like we in the matrix
we got too much history we can’t erase it
isn’t it wild how you can meet someone but feel like you’ve always known them
maybe we have met before just not here
girl dream