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lirik lagu bad intentions – christler


7:30 in the morning man…, slept at the studio, i just woke up and i had all these bad intentions about life…, so i just took time you know just write each and every one of them down…,drink give me hype../

yeah../bad intentions in my mind i tell myself am grown…/wonder why this feeling didn’t hit me all along../see i often write my wrongs and put them in a song../smoke the pain away until it’s all gone…/i been wondering why all the people i met…/all my demons in check../ been looking down as threat../it’s time for me to collect../time for me to eject…all the pain that am feeling it’s such a silly distortion now take a sip of my portion-thank god mama never paid for abortion-am taking that as a caution-see my picture in motion what’s that..??
it’s gaining up on me it came from the back../
i’ve been busy in the kitchen cooking up a new track…/most these ladies on crack…/this how we making the stacks../in my hood ain’t no room for these rats../if you seeing around the corner you’ll get hit with a bat../you know the color.., most of us the villains in black../
got my heart broken countless times right now am just steady../though my pride is still heavy man i’ll let go when am ready../see my eyes are still sweaty- think y’all wanting to test me../feels like y’all just against me../feels like the world is against me../
so i took sometime away from everyone and the media-greed was getting more greedier-an instigate of acedia-before you talk bout me… check your facts.., on wikipedia -am just saying../that nun of these youths today is praying../
i dont do relationships no more man i got love for everybody that’s loyal to me- am so close to living the dream../it’s not as bad as it seems../see i plotted the schemes../now close to living the dream../i gotta bowl just like kevin durant…/
lately i been busy tryna paint me a picture../in a room full of liquor../drinking out all my problems n counting up a huge figure-am so lost man am not even a drinker../man am more of a thinker../take away all this liquor../
and all this just a figment of my imagination with less exaggeration../i learnt my lesson../maybe am just guessing…/yeah i forgot to mention../ that i still count my blessings../man i still count my records../drop a hit within seconds../it’s how am living now man am always on on the low../they don’t even have to know that i’ve been on on the go../am good by myself trust man i was like before…/i never sold my soul../i’ll never sell my soul../man i trust in the lord-he gave me what i afford and am so grateful for everything he ever did../