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lirik lagu resurfaced trauma – christopher syncere


aye aye

resurfaced trauma arising with my accomplishments
the comments is kinda like when christopher k!lled my confidence
consequences of problem kids
i’m watching ’em all tweak for some acknowledgment
even seen that one dude buy grills to make that frown turn upside down for all of y’all
but dog it’s all a flex, i’m not impressed with none of it
finally learned to accept myself and learned that i don’t gotta prove a single thing to a single soul еxcept myself
my god loves mе, my girl loves me and that’s without no record sales
gabriel warned me about people that’s hot but tell epic tales
but then wanna throw tomatoes at me just for being myself
guess we bout to see this fruit tell the gospel, it’s veggietales
guess we bout to see who’s staying on board once we setting sail
poverty stricken sice i was a jit in the middle of that i got peace on me
grew up watching my family feud you would think that i really know steve harvey
you see me bleeding all over my heart it’s because i finally took the leech off me
see god in my weak heart if i pleased all i’d be weak homie, aye
the prophets of old said we’d be lost in the soul
cause folks is prideful and all it’s so much i can’t control
come from a fatherless home, trauma and problems at home
landlords knocked on the door, that’s why i’m knocking on y’alls
they ain’t want get me involved so i built this with the lord
i never been on my own, never been on my
aye, look
i was jealous of zauntee
i was jealous of tommy
i was jealous that they blew i didn’t even just care that they homies
crazy where you could be going
when you don’t live in the moment
grateful for how you been growing
wonder how many is scrolling through my timeline in the morning
or late as heck in the evening praying one day i would blow it
so that they could be exalted, take it, low*key i don’t want it
you want this gift just to flaunt it i want this gift to keep going, aye
but i’m petty
you would write a hate comment for me but i’m petty
pulled up with the demon bulletproof vest, don ready
heard they want the album i’ma drop it when i’m ready, aye, yeah
i didn’t text my dad and tell him happy birthday cause
my number blocked, my ig blocked, my facebook blocked, my twitter blocked
i got no way to reach him
somebody should have told hom that his son would be blazing the kingdom
uh, staying succeding
uh, face to my jesus
uh, praying and seeking
uh, why y’all be tweaking?
uh, satan defeated
uh, already beat him
uh, up on that tree limb
check the score about hiding my numbers on the board
the insecure people are flexing all the streams and awards
four score and seven years ago my great grandma was born
and started generational patterns that i finally kicked off
it’s praises to god, aye

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