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lirik lagu freestyle – cillian


the nik nacks and the junkies

the nik nacks and the junkies
i kick back sick pack buss that into monkey’s
said i got racks for the front seat
so i got straps for the back, left right and above me
now i’m sat here but we’re comfy
people sat here is my own right hand and my love seat
yes i done break down packs
made racks by myself and never got sent out countries
gyally just bent out lovely’s
gyally let me hit so fit with my sh-t look ugly
imma kick [?] lane fam
only on the bottom of the shoe is where the colour of the [?] be
imagine thinkin you could touch me
if i put it down skid round and my foot where the clutch be
i move erratic with the matic then i’m lookin at my balance see how much we
made selling dutch weed, f-ck you your plug beat
no, i ain’t g-y no way but i bet he gets sucked for his rub g
bet them boy f-cked if they ‘but’ me
gyally show front if they uck or it’s back when she f-ck me
i got a nat moving blunt see, i done sold out, slow drought, off the white for a month b, so i started workin on the racks, now it’s twerkin with the text, once again man my pockets look funky
i’m outta breath cah these bars, and i set levels hard
so my stacks and my racks lookin chunky
yeah they just forget i’m a star, so i step with no less and a weapon of ours
in the front seat, lemme give her lesson in bars
you’ll be questioning yards when you turn my song on feeling rusty
how can you be threatening ours when you wetter than cars
that were left in the rain and the mud
she let me touch on her b-tt, then i hit guts quick nut
then i cut to my crud
see i’m a young king on my own sh-t
i’ve been through the tears, pain, sweat, let alone all the blood
all them liquids cause a flood
only roll with dawg’s , hit cats and we clap all the mutts
i’ve had enough of all this rough sh-t, bluff this, nah i never could, never would till they cut me