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lirik lagu a scorched lament – cinder well


[verse 1]
what could change the winter’s course
what could temper the fall
what did you notice when the dawn turned to dust
the hour turned one and all

[verse 2]
will you shelter away from the storm
will you hide out from the wind
will you take your sweet, sweet rest
returning with stories on your wings

[verse 3]
in a thousand furnished rooms
a wilderness of mirrors
how can we recognize ourselves
through the windows
if we can’t see through the screen’s glare

[verse 4]
did you look when the flood left the edge?
did you hear the warning?
did you see the strange green light
over the city this morning?

[verse 5]
blackbird, blackbird will you call
blackbird, blackbird will you come
sing us over with your scorched lament
you were watching over all along



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