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lirik lagu unbroken – cindy morgan


when i saw what i’d become, i didn’t wanna be it
when i saw where this was headed, i didn’t want follow it
i tried to turn around,
but it my head the wheel was frozen, like the way was already chosen
there’s a ghost in my house, i try to ignore it
when it rattles too loud, i put in the closet
tried to bury it in the yard,
but the ground was rocky & frozen, couldn’t cover it over
and i couldn’t be unbroken, unbroken
when you’ve been cut too deep, it never really heals up
and it aches & it bleeds and finally you bandage it up
and you say this is the way it is
and walk around with a gash wide open
people stare so you just show them and your heart feels frozen
and you can’t be unbroken, unbroken
till the healer comes,
when you’re not expecting & he shines a
light on the ghost you’ve been protecting
and the salt in his tears heals the wound and
he gives something back that was stolen from you
and all those years you thought were just a
waste, they have given you a deep gratefulness for grace
and the world feels wide open
and you feel unbroken, unbroken