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lirik lagu adult onset – cinema stare


i don’t want you if you won’t make me feel like i’m walking on eggsh*lls all of the time
life’s no fun unless i’m constantly uncomfortable, at least enough to keep it at the front of my mind

i haven’t been eating a whole lot lately but it’s not like that’s anything new
calm down my body with a hundred different chemicals i couldn’t even name every time that i do

sounds an awful lot like all the things that you do that i hate
like putting off caring at all for a later date
i swear the schedule conflict’s on purpose
’cause you know that it makes mе feel worthless
does her nеcklace actually end in a cross?
have you really found yourself that lost?
i wish i could think about god and feel safe and comfortable, too
but believing is how liars take advantage of you

i’ll be that girl, not your new one
filthy, expensive, habitual
i’m on a rampage, it’s not you
the damage is residual

yeah my life’s a movie, it’s a comedy, last time we spoke
you said i turn everything into some kind of joke
i guess i could appreciate some sincerity
but i’m starting to think that it’s tearing me
away from you
away from you
away from you