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lirik lagu 09′ draculas – cinikill


yo, yo
nataslive, cin one k!ll
bringing you the horrorcore sh-t, [?]

[verse 1: natslive]
spitting out on your parts when i break demonic thoughts
‘cuz more to looks like the rules, other knotts scary farm
playin’ next (?) flesh living life with no regrets
there’s no woman in the universe that i will not molest
i’m a b-st-rd it was brought it without the father the love
[?] my finger f-cking sl-t, [?] freddy kruger rough
[?] serial k!ller cylinders
[?] pieces, my army of demons
s-xually har-sses women while they yelling, screaming, begging
and pleading for life, they tell me this summer fight
but they shut up every cookie when they see the butcher knife
of the neighborhood were lined with the neighborhood watch
dragon bodies to the street, from [?] call the cops
in stepping with me and my [?]
[?] above the rim, jordans are breaking ginseng
cin one k!ll these blood spilling over the [?]


[verse 2: cinik!ll]
feel the horrified flames of h-ll when the peg
is this corral spirits out of the alcatraz [?]
on the road straight to spyderco committed omen
with the gnome take it from gacy keep the dead contender homes
desperate measures must be taken with the equal bladed
[?] rehabilitating like the werewolf kevin bacon
i creep like the rotten flesh in the packet
to my dad calm down a bullet at bundy, and bite off your breast
nina dr. caligari in the dark and lonely
party pumpkin carving dollars whiles he’s huffing autumn marley
try to trump it at the murder junk in
and be the other victim of the devil shadow puppets
nightbreed innate is like a ripping out your mouth
the niners never ends in the evil witch house
together what they want and k!ll your own self


nataslive, cinik!ll
nightbreed productions