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lirik lagu mandroid – cinikill


[verse 1: ware*wolff]
sit and rot for ages, brains encased inside of cages
in a maze with no escape, all in a haze and it’s contagious
see the faces of evil but like you frozen
asleep in a state of lucid dream of evil
retrieval induced forgetfulness
paralysis events with shadow people from the other side as dark as this abyss
you’ll get a scene so infamous impetuousness embedded with microchips in your skin
enslaved in a sense of there’s nothing to miss in this dеmented sh*t with a switch
a mechanical bliss, your mеmories sent
a glitch in the system like rinsing on with some regretting of sin
and rager of any formidable men
artificial indoctrination of patients for new digital lens
all menacing grins still trap me within
cornea lenses, all their ligaments
you meant for the rinse and then it begins
the machinery that’ll be eating your pieces away from your feet will be lying in rows
unethical treatment, your life is depleted, memory deleted and turned into drones
beyond your zone, now everything’s slow
get in the row, nowhere to go
life is slowed, it’s soulless and cold
that’s how it goes when you’re dealing with evilness, leading mysterious flows
you stay froze, strangled hoe
then you’d fold, mind control

[verse 2: cinik!ll]
big pharma hollow as the regals with the quickness
until n0body live to keep on checking out the hit*list
capture every essence of the body, be delicious
marching zombie army, mind polluted with the sickness
now every body is vacant like a revival invasion
all of a kind and embracing, be raging, i’m like an agency
of insatiable anguish, racing my way through your residence
turn the nation into nameless, brainless, aimless residents
system overloaded, i think i could use resetting
or am i supposed to think at all? this sh*t is so distressing
there’s this consciousness i’m witnessing, awakening in me
how these overwhelming feelings of emotions come to be?
can’t bear to hear the noises, all the voices blaring loud
i think i’ve had enough, i’ma self*destruct now

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