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still trying - cisco swank lyrics


yeah, yeah, yeah
ups and downs had hills to climb
hills to climb, yeah
i hope the flow up to par
leave the crib but the phone never charged
since a kid mom told me i’m a star
i know my dreams ain’t really that far from us
pierce through like light in the dark
but i still don’t understand it all, yeah
don’t understand it all
i know the bros got my back when i fall
faith of a seed’ll go far
last year was like a blur can’t recall, quarantine
bro i had my back against the wall
some of y’all move crazy not appalled by it
no bias, i found peace when it’s most quiet
bro i’m weary of my faults but i’m still trying
and i’m still crying
and i’m still climbing
and i’m still trying
and i’m, yeah
still don’t understand it all
still don’t understand it all

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