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lirik lagu bodak yellow (remix) – civilized wolf



i’m a stupid new kid
you see this lucy lucid music?
i’mma use it and lose it

[verse 1]

oh f-ck it!
if i ain’t making money off of it
i’ll be right back cooking in the kitchen
looking at my vision
seeing these zombies be on a mission
wait listen, imma start b-tching
the money, the fame, the honey, the pain
the same thang, i miss ’em
your mama, your name, the drama, the game
the lame thang, i diss ’em
if i get all your girls in on day i’mma fist ’em
a hundred times on a runway
and not in a fun way
thats was suppose to be unsaid
i was on a thin rope and then fall in a pitfall
i ain’t potful of a pitiful or pitbull
i’m international but i ain’t world wide
i’m in the nationals but i ain’t world wide
hold tight, alright, okay
you party all night, all day
i hardly go fight
arouse me and i might just go play
who tried suicide?
you cried on this foreplay
on a role play, if i were you i won’t wait for my cold day
i’ll die or do like i just said
you better go get a motherf-ckin’ first aid
because i bust heads