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lirik lagu wonderful day – cjayq


yeah, diggin’ for gold
picking green up from the store
we ain’t in the midwest no more
happy as sh-t i don’t stress no more
i miss the kid with the blond hair, fake sh-t, no money, bad wrist
light this sh-t with the matches
look like a b-m but with fashion
she said she like when i’m rapping
gimmie the ball you should p-ss it
i give it touch of my magic
don’t do much braggin’ but i got gadgets
see they attracted like magnets, all of the madness

this is the good life, if i don’t got bad times no
i like to feel right, i never feel right no

i got nothin’ on my neck
overcast my silhouette
you don’t see sunlight yet
it’s time to manifest
my girl she bad if she wet
watch as i sly grabbed it some more, watches that fly my -ss to the store
i need some sh-t that (?)
don’t say a peep please tip on your toes

i said ay okay what a wonderful day
i said ay okay what a wonderful day yeah
what a wonderful day
what a wonderful day ay

mm, i been talkin’ in sleep
i been rollin’ mamasita ay

mama said i’m hollywood, ay
how you gonna move to la
everybody do the same thing
with the same thing
made the same songs
with the same teams
with the same game uh

ay ay, i might just pull up and shoot out the whip
i might just pull up and hit em with the kizz
i might just pull up and kick out a biz ay

most of ya’ll go through the motions ay
most of ya’ll talk about bullsh-t ay
i’ma go win for the culture ay
white boy ain’t no vulture ay
i put out like (?)
i might hit the store today
i might drop like four today
i put on for the 408

double up once then i come back down
triple ot tryna get that crown
triple og tryna run my town
could be ya’ll boys tryna run with my sound

i don’t wanna talk about money
i don’t wanna talk about your buddies
grew up on a kid cudi
i ain’t did sh-t but they love me