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lirik lagu bon ton roula – clarence garlow


you see me there but i ant no fool,
i’m one smart frenchmen never been to school
you want to get some-where in a creole town
stop and me show you around

you let the bon ton roula, you let the mule-a bool-a
now don’t you be no fool-a, you let the bon ton roula

i got a creole gal, she’s one fine dish
but she’s got way’s like the old craw-fish
she don’t know noth’n, but raise sand all night
but when it come to mak’n love, she’s al-right


if you want to have yourself, some real-fine fun
go down to louisiana and get you some
you’ll find her cutt’n cane all down the line
i got a cotton picker, she’s really fine


at the church bazaar or the baseball game
at the french tra-la it’s all the same
if you want-a have fun you got to go
way out in the country to the zydeco