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lirik lagu if the stars were to fall – claudia scott


baby, can’t you read the signs
it’s been in the air for a long, long time
and it’s not going to go away
we have crossed a magic line
keep tripping on it all the time
swept the hurt under a rug
there’s no blame anymore

i wish for both of us to dream
and try to understand what has been
how did we lose who we are?
i don’t profess to know it all
you and i have to stand tall
can’t keep falling on our knees
there must be more than this?

baby, let’s not make this harder
’cause it can’t get any darker
than if the stars were to fall down
i can’t give you what you need
if what we have makes our hearts bleed
there’s a better way to live
for you and i
i know

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