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lirik lagu miss you nights – cliff richard


“miss you nights”

i’ve had many times i can tell you
times when innocence i’d trade for company
and children saw me crying
i thought i’d had my share of that
but these miss you nights are the longest

midnight diamonds stud my heaven
southward burning like the jewels that eye your place
and the warm winds that embrace me
just as surely kissed your face
yeah these miss you nights they’re the longest

how i missed you i’m not likely to tell
i’m a man and cold daylight buys the pride i’d rather sell
all my secrets are a wasted affair
you know them well

thinking of my going
how to cut the thread and leave it all behind
looking windward for my comp-ss
i’ll take each day as it arrives
but these miss you nights are the longest

lay down all thoughts of your surrender
it’s only me who’s killing time
play down all dreams and themes once remembered
it’s just the same this miss you game

yet these miss you nights are the longest