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lirik lagu 02. they know – cloud gang


[hook – eyre trillboy]

man we taking over {man we taking over}
they know though {they know though}
man we taking over {man we taking over}
they know though {they know}
they know though {they know}
fla- flashing on me {fla-flashing on me}
get in the zone {yeah yeah}
get in the zone {yeah}
all my n-ggas in the zone {n-ggas in the zone}
get in the zone
get in the zone
too high for these b-tches and they know
{too high for these b-tches and they know}

[verse 1 – jeopardy]
jeopardy the nightmare
stepped up to be clear
not saying live in fear
but all i see is apocalypse
jeopardy is on the mic
on this beat
like i’m on the bike
kick-off you have met your match
working hard to k!ll these tracks
call it magic
we call it hard work
blaming n-ggas
saying that we destroyed this game
get a bigger picture
n-ggas were framed
change this game
i got some cheat codes
born athletes to run this city
just an athlete
running his mouth
elavating you stuck to the ground


[bridge – eyre trillboy]

cloud nine with my n-ggas all night
man we feeling alright alright
so i ayt

[verse 2 – loner kxd]
fat girls got me hyped up
this track got me trappin’ now
party nights they be p-ssin’ out
like they overdosing on some dirty sprite
see your girlfriends call me daddy now
best man on the game now
am a real deal no deals now
i need cash and do me right
haters be haters
am feeling no pressure
am juss 17 and am rocking this rap thing
3 things i live for juss writtin’ bars
showing’ up
dissin’ these n-ggas
and know that am winning
lean on me lean on me
habit is all on me
f-cking economy
4d anatomy
i need monopoly
am sippin’ henessy
no no no no no am saying’ follow me yeah!

[verse 3 – eyre trillboy]

get in the zone
i know you feeling the flow
feeling this sh-t in like 80 seconds
i’m a wavy n-gga
i don’t need the liquor
i’m a potted figure
i’m with the gang gang
on the same thing
in the same lane
with the same dream
n-gga woo
still got the same b-tches on the floor
young n-ggas finna k!ll n-ggas
not the youth n-ggas we the movement
real n-ggas don’t pretend on me
i got real haters in the coupé coupé coupé
skrr skrr shout of to jeopardy
shout out to loner
man these b-tches blowing my phone
b-tch i’m an element
b-tch am a stoner
i told you to get in the zone