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lirik lagu cold guiding light – clouds [doom metal band]


if i couldn’t tell you all that i have done
to reach this higher ground
if i wasn’t there to hold you
and if i couldn’t run to be your guiding light
there in the darkness, there you were lost
without a guiding light
eyes staring wide
shadows calling from the corners of the soul
endless mourning, fighting the odds
who would’ve thought, who would’ve led to see my soul?
i will repent, i will forsake any divinity daring to ask for more
i kneeled and i found
another way to answer to it all, my eternity
fade out, leave me here
take my soul and never come back
leave your ways of tears and grief
i will walk, we’ll breathe the air
break my way, death in the sky
woe was me ..woe…