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lirik lagu cold hu$tlas – cloudy


[verse 1]

i’m bout to pop up on these n-gg-s like some hot grease
like lil’ n-gg- f-ck the news you should watch me
if i ain’t smelling like no pound then that’s not me
my bougie b-tch said “this a mink, not no f-cking fleece”
uh…uh, she keep her nails did
she keep her weave laid, edges all gel’d sh-ttt
she think she got the juice, couple loose screws
but she fill them hammer pants so i’m tryna nail it
that marijuana my preferred aroma
dirty tahitian treaty sweetie that’s expensive soda
my back against the wall the money mountain getting lower
plus the phone been ringing slower but i got a vicious motor
so no worries, shift that hustle into over grind
might take that ounce and make 5 quarters like it’s over time
convos with my big cuzzo, he just did coco time
but he was hood rich before i seen a polo sign
just some snotty nose youngin’s wit some cold hustlas
scottie pippen nose shotty in some old luggage
c-ke sitting in his lap by the belt buckle
d-mn tryin get this money man it got us bugging


d-mn tryin get this money man it got us bugging
d-mn tryin get this money man it got us bugging
d-mn…d-mn it got us bugging

[verse 2]

woke up in the morning, headed straight to my scale
5 missed calls n-gg-s h-tting my cell
6 in the morning stuffing gas in my l
i smell like a blunt my shawty smell like chanel
westfiveseven build it up like a jail
want that skyscr-per paper finger cuts by my nails
a couple haters prolly pay you just to witness me fail
but they won’t catch me slippin cuz my balance is swell…