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lirik lagu these days… – cloudy



i can see the climate changing day after tomorrow
these days n-body bothered when flows get borrowed
these days i disagree with my peers opinions
embrace the fact that i’m something different
my intuition something sickening
i can feel it coming for it reach my vision
originality’s a lost art, these n-gg-s scribbling
i’m painting portraits with the flow van gogh we ill-strate the illest
this sh-t get vivid if you care to listen
pocket full of dead presidents my sixth sense is
to stack digits and take risks until i make riches
big business, little n-gg- with ambition
hustling hard for money, power, and recognition
cuz these days, n-gg-s never pay attention
the best way to make em’ listen is make some chicken
tube socks on marble floors, them n-gg-s slipping
ziplocs on counter tops, my n-gg-s pitching
and how they went about it never made a difference
long as it made a way and made some pay my n-gg-s with it
state prop or scarface on them televisions…