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lirik lagu 1769 – cloutbandit


been hard, stay hard talk yo talk n*gga
no girl can make me hard cuz i’m always h*rny n*gga

[verse 1]
met this b*tch from summer*set he was smoking juuls now his mom upset
shoot this cum like a tec leave him wet
he plays with my b*lls like he was a met
it’s all set
franco such a hoe shoot him with the pole
shoot this cum like a .44 n*gga you a po po
n*gga hit me up for a lil bit of dope i said for sure
meet me at my show and he gave me dome
i let him know i ain’t here to stay unless i’m getting paid there’s one thing that my n*ggas hate that’s franco p*ssy, p*ssy fake
faker than her nails stroke him likе a snail
h*lla slow and i’m bouta blow bring him to the o
he want morе, “what’s your body count” he replied with “four”, he asked me i said “nine” like a p*ssy, but i’m smoking dope, smoking on that opp pack like a rookie no cap
and i bring him to the o we ain’t from 63rd
and gabe just to let you know i f*cked him first


[verse 2]
caught him at the o block he was sucking d*ck
for a jit, all the sh*t i’m speaking this sh*t is legit
when i nutted i nutted on his lip and my fit
“what the f*ck hoe, better get to cleaning hoe
before i f*ck you in the ass then i make you clean it hoe”, and i pull his strings like i’m bout sew
n*ggas stealing my flow
anyways franco such a hoe, he ain’t want no more, as i said he pulled up to my show and gave me dome this is more than once n*gga don’t you try to front, pop a wheelie on his dome and he pleading for his life, n*ggas g*y and he built like a dyk* don’t you try to fight
n*gga can’t fight either way haha p*ssy
nah i’m playing n*ggas still a cuck tho
like god d*mn hoe how are you a cuck n*gga jus be a b*tch, n*ggas b*tching like a b*tch shut the f*ck up
f*ckin’ wh0re
p*ssy patrol f*cking everything n*gga