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lirik lagu $100 socks – clyde carson


[intro: clyde carson]
yeah, ayy

[verse 1: clyde carson]
i’m thinkin’ i switched my gears again, i’m steering clear
they thinkin’ i ain’t gon’ come around, i still appear
yeah, smashin’ like i’m supposed to, flow is still the ocean
yeah, she just want the dopest, she just caught me posted
magnificent, right now, on some g.o.a.t. sh*t
pineapple pop mixed in with her patrón sips
it used to be no mattress, just a couch
no ac in the summer, but we still figured it out, right
yeah, send my condolence
for every n*gga that got took out over ho sh*t
n*ggas be mad, n*ggas be feeling entitled, halitosis
it get funky, it get sp*nky, watch out who you close with
super bad with me, switchin’ when she walkin’
yeah, got the kinda hustle that you don’t see often, yeah
grindin’ all these hours, need a bigger profit
told me that you tryna get further, and now we locked in

[interlude: larry june]
ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, man
good job

[verse 2: larry june]
jumpin’ out this four*door, it’s lookin’ like she saw a ghost
cuban link gold, one glance and the b*tch chose
i don’t pimp no more, but these shoes like havin’ hoes
merchandise sellin’ out the roof, i need to cop a store
i don’t need to cop no more rollies, ’cause i got four
bucket hat one*twenty with the lil’ monkey on it
three*hundred*dollar cup holder, no soda on it (numbers)
in trader joes with this 40 cal, i don’t trust nothin’
pulled up in that asc mclaren, bbs’s on it (yes, lord)
money just hit a lil’ different when you thug for it
you ain’t even got a hundred racks, what you clubbin’ for?
if you ever see me in a suit, it’s probably tom ford (good job)
my son and some money the only thing i got time for
b*tch, you gotta work around my schedule, it’s bad for you (what’s happenin’?)
baby, i don’t cherish no p*ssy, i like lambos (lambos)
third grade, n*gga used to dream ’bout them land rovers (for real)
hundred*dollar socks, on the beach eatin’ mangos (mangos)
’87 vette, donkey rope, and a kangol (good job)
twenty thousand dollars if we talkin’ what the chain cost (numbers)
no diamonds, n*gga, pure gold, i don’t play with ’em, what’s happenin’?

[outro: larry june]
man, uh
godd*mn, sock it to me
ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
good job
what the?
what the?
what the?