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lirik lagu 1469 – codename rocky


it’s about time i wake up,
and let my soul come out clean
to this girl that i once loved,
but whose face i never see.
freshman year, drew a picture,
wrote her a letter just for her,
because i threw them in her locker,
but i ran forever scared.

did she ever find it?
yeah you bet she did.
did i ever speak my mind?
no way, i’m chicken sh-t.
now i know where she works
and i’m gaining the thoughts
to confront
this aging challenge
that has lived inside my heart.

five years of total silence
has crept inside my mind.
growing older everyday,
i’m reminded of her sight.
it’s been so long ago,
adrianna, you having fun?
i just want to tell you
that you were my first true love