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lirik lagu black tears – coffinworm


as lava lies molten so doth bullsh-t stink
this ethereal reek of a postmortem existence

f-ck yes i flirt with disaster
but wouldn’t be caught undead licking its -ss after

spectral claws
astral bl-wj-bs

like tet-n-s for chocolate
i’ve embraced the principle of unsanity
organized chaos
found only in the mind of the unwound

i’ll be the sniper at your funeral
and use your headstone as a urinal

spectral claws
astral bl-wj-bs

despondent we live in splendor we perish
claw first from the aether
each loss we cherish

when none became all signaled the funeral procession
an eternal void became infernal regression
swallowed alive while dying to live
a subtractive equation of all that must end

we’ve come to view happiness
as an ant-thetical equation

despondent we live, in splendor we perish
claw first from the aether, each loss we cherish

these are my parting words
for a world i’ve always f-cking hated
watching it burn to a cinder
is the sole reason i’ve waited
to blow my laptop off and say goodbye
to each loss i’ve cherished

despondent we’ve lived