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lirik lagu 1981 / other mcs – cold crush brothers


well it’s like that
well it’s one for the bass, two for the treble
come on chase, show ’em that you’re on the level
ahh yeah, yeah
somebody, somebody say “ho” (ho)
say “ho” (ho)
now it’s 13, 14
no it’s 15, no it’s 16
it’s 17, [?] 18
[?] 1981, and before the year is done
everybody’s gonna know that we’re on the go
like crazy joe on the seven*o
and when ’82 rolls around
we’ll still be getting down
a*with the funky dance that puts you in a trance
you’ve got to see it to beliеve it
we’ll put on a show
and you know we can’t bе beaten
we’ll prove that we could make you move
our rhymes are bitten, chewed, and eaten
but we keep rocking on
and making up new songs
so here we go (yo ho)
once again (come on, come on) (here’s the four, the four)

well i’m captain of the four
g.m. caz with the rhymes galore
and i’m j*j.d.l. with all the clientele
but i won’t brag about it no more (yo baby)
and no, you’re not in a dream
i’m easy a., known as supreme (hey girl)
and it’s plain to see that i’m the almighty
and we are the cold crushin’, tough*ass four mcs
won’t you please hear what we’re saying
we want you to enjoy yourself
when you hear the four playing
so ’til we meet again
this song will have to end
so let the show (yo ho) and sniff the blow (show, show, show)
so let the show (yo ho) carry on (show, show, show)
so let the show (yo ho) (i sniff blow) carry on (show, show, show, show, show, show)
so let the show (ho) carry on
now how many of y’all know about other mcs? how many of y’all know about other mcs? (how many of y’all know other mcs?) if y’all know about other mcs, raise your hands in the air, throw your hands in the air. (how many of y’all know other mcs?) alright, you don’t know about other mcs? charlie chase, charlie chase, keep the rocket in the pocket, we gonna let them a little know something about other mcs (word).​

now first of all, we not talking ’bout your sister (your sister)
we not talking ’bout your uncle (your uncle)
we not talking ’bout your father (your father)
not your mother, or other, or other other other other
other mcs can’t deal with us
because we are the four known as the cold crush
putting fellas on the jock, making fly girls blush
you know we got a funky song
so won’t you come and sing and dance along
we got the two djs on the wheels of steel
charlie chase and tony tone at the top of the field
message to the competition: you better be for real
we rock the party ’til the break of day
and this is how it sounds when we play
we are the four mcs with the most respect
and if you wanna throw joints, you better come correct
we might have to take you out and put your crew in check
because the c.c. 4’s number one
and you got to walk before you run (well)

the initials of my name are g.m.c.​
and you can search all you like but you’ll never see
a higher power party rocker in the galaxy
i’m the first and never last (what’s your name?)
’cause i’m the grandmaster caz (well)
the initials of my name are j.d.l.​
i want to go to heaven ‘fore i go to h*ll
but i be pushing more power than a duracell
better than the oldest and the newest (what’s your name?)
and my name is jerry dee lewis (well)

the initials of my name are e.a.d.​
the baddest thing to hit new york since [?]
and i can [rap/rock] upon the mic before you count to three
you know i’m making cash money (what’s your name?)
i am supreme easy a.d. (well)

the initials of my name are a.k.g.​
[?] you won’t try to mess with me
i might have to [?]
’cause i am the one and only (what’s your name?)
and i’m the almighty kay gee (well)

so by now you should know what we’re all about
because the four is number one and that’s no doubt
we guarantee we’re qualified to turn the party out
we give you what you paid your money for
while we rock you with our rhymes galore, yeah

woo, woo