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lirik lagu weeping willow tree – colin james


in the cold grey light of morning
they slipped into the creeping fog
they could barely see the headlights
they could barely see at all
they made a pact they had to keep
down at the weeping willow tree

they parked the car right by the train tracks
looked each other in the eye
the time has come now for redemption
there’s no need to wonder why
and then they got down on their knees
beneath the weeping willow tree

there’s a light
breaking through the morning rain
one more time
weeping willow cries again

he said “baby don’t you know i love you?”
n0body seems to understand
this old world’s the devil’s playground
and i can’t be the way i am
so that’s the way it has to be
beneath the weeping willow tree

that’s the way it has to be
underneath this weeping willow tree