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lirik lagu 40 ccs – combat crisis


forty ccs, one room. you escaped your perception alone. why try? why cry?
i could end it all right now and you’ll regret what you have done.
i won’t look back. i just wanna see your f-ckin’ face when you hear i’m gone.
and don’t say i didn’t try-i put my hand out and you denied.
i will need a second chance now.

i would take control of my own future.

but you don’t get a second chance.
once you’re gone, that’s the end.
there is nothing past this sh-ll that holds us to the ground.
i won’t look back. you won’t see my face when i hear you’re gone.
and don’t say i didn’t try-i put my hand out you denied.
i won’t need a second chance, no.
there’s just one chance and one life to live.

when i see you hanging there,
the ropes too tight and theirs no air,
i won’t look back. and when your liver fails again,
no pity from me, not again.
you selfish fool, you’re not alone-
we’re all fighting the same f-ckin’ war.
and we all feel we could end this too,
but the weaker minds will follow through.