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lirik lagu 40 furrows – common market


hopped up, beast in the veins, and when it courses through
he’s liable to get at you something awful
push up on a posse like “you prolly a product of something, too”
but of course, obstacle the whole line could run through
fire breather like he’s swallowing bottles of paraffin
peregrine clutch on the cup, shootin’ a pair of them
love hustler, pash pusher – penny-a-peck
the effect blocked and set the scene at virginia tech
ripple rocked water craft – h-lluva wake
now it’s either orders or oars taken from the head of state
stay deliberating probable cause for allegation
we’re rowing, they’re steady posturing to keep their backs straightened
no doubt, baby – varsity crew
steer the vessel over top of the swell and dock boon
proper swoon unit, group and do work; usurp swagger lords
lip servicing, you’re sayin’ sh-t with the jabber jaws
love how you’re suckin’ down the back catalog
yeah, the money moves slow, but it’s plenty room to grow
notice the glow – they’re rollin’ in with tennyson brigades
to collect t-the – slide your ten percent in the plate
gotta spend to save, double-up – stackin’ the odds
apply your cosmetics, baby – get attractive for god
and if the rapture don’t come, cousin, then p-ss the guns
i burn ‘em for the return of my investment funds
trouble jumpin’ on – i saw when the chariot swung low
and i blinked but, i think i caught a glimpse of seung cho
unsho’ if even one’ll go or if i wanna know
hail a yellow cab to carry me back home – the bungalow
shanty complex and the resolution is simple
turn the temple into condos and sell bottled water
i aint bothered over nothin’, the covenant’s up in gotham
with a wonderful underabundance of love, it’s a problem
for city staff, take it to the magistrate
from an early age, i played with matches, mate
charred world of waste, pray i make it to the holy gates
spent my last days askin’ for lights, cravin’ the burley taste
kentuck’ your jewelry, your crucifix is proven to be fool’s gold
now i’mma show you how to use it to plow rows
synonymous are worship and work
prostrate and put your face in the dirt (like this)….