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lirik lagu 1’2 many… – common


one wa-wa one, one two, one two
one wa-wa one, one two, one two
one tigga one, one two, one two

(dug infinite)
dug inf on production, my man com for the discussion
check it

one day, i was tryin to be myself
the same day this thug say, “you gotta come hard”
n-gg-, times is hard, i’m tryin hard to make it
it ain’t hard to tell, it’s hard for me to fake it
plus, it’s hard to be me, it’s hard to stop drinkin
i guess it’s hard for you hard n-gg-z to start thinkin
p-ssy mc’s stinkin so i can’t get hard
some, become mc’s cause it’s hard to get a job
hard for you to trust people, you don’t trust in god
even harder to be the gods we created to be
this western way of life ain’t native to me
put one n-gg- in your pulp fiction that related to me
i hate it that we, the only race that call our women hoes
n-gg-z, be too hard to say “ho” at the shows
i rose… like a florist to bring the flavor like a taurus
might not have the murderous verse, but i stay hard to the chorus
took this girl to work, she say i ain’t have a real job
like that d-ck you had last night, baby, i work real hard
simple motherf-ckers tellin me hard is criminal
n-gg-z you thought was hard, you pourin out your liquor for
years ago, i thought i was hard, in high school fightin
now, i’m the hardest man working in show business
handle your business or shut the f-ck up

(dug infinite)