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lirik lagu faustian – compos mentis


in my dreams the world dissolves
and i’m absorbed into the fragments
leading an army of ghosts
i conquer the strongholds of the sky

in my dreams i speak with a thousand voices
of dimensions that don’t exist
i show to the world what it is
and exceed the limits laid down

i am the source, pure and clear
from which magic pours
i transcend time and sp-ce
and embrace every corner of the world

the final spiritual objective:
ultimate independence of the matter
how could human conceit ever reach this point?
trapped in a cave with beautiful greyscale paintings on the wall
wasting dreams on the outlined land, when this could be our haven

in my dreams i dream that i’m awake
and that my world of dreams dissolves
i show to the world what i am
and the limits become obsolete

storms die at my feet
and light waves give in
laws of nature are forced to collapse
as my will prevails