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lirik lagu the realm – conscious flo official wise flo


i’m lit like a laser beam
shining a million times bright
as the glow of the sun
i’m not gonna stop climbing
until i’ve reached mount zion
i got the flight of an eagle
and the heart of a lion

lord knows the battles i’ve been
fighting, but i keep getting up
and dusting myself off and keep
trying as i propel being woke
i realize i’m flying
i swear i’m spending a lifetime
trying to get it right
i’m still isolated and out of sight

i had to lose my connections
with people places and things
just to find a peace of mind
i had to quiet my brain from
all the outside noise
now the only thing i hear
is my inside voice

telling me to stay focused and
poised… fasting on my journey
has given me clean purification
now everything i ever wanted is
in my reach for the taking
and i’ve learned to have patience
i am consciously receiving what’s
already been given
i feel like i am really living
the life i never knew i could have
people disrespect me and
i don’t even get mad
instead i do math and
laugh let the most high
guide my path

i must be a new creature
some type of street preacher
i was a student but now
i am teaching my teachers
like a reborn leader…

i’m coming fresher
than breath after
a neem brush and i
know i am not
the only one out here
dodging bad luck
respect to those
who pay homage

i orbit like a comet
and bring the prophecy
like muhammad
in my own way i
spit fancy everyday i tap
into my psyche like
it’s never complicated
is too easy
you see the sky
i am my own
general and a
descendant of god
iam a free bird
visions through the eye
of the third
intellectuals beyond limits
as we become open to higher planes
twisting up our lion’s mane
take it with a tiny grain

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