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lirik lagu 13 cemetaries – conscious


[intro: “play it again, sam”

[verse 1]
i’ve been waiting for a cold day
so i could rock this cold sh-t
you’re lucky you ain’t seen my old ways, them old days
but now days i still rock the cold fit
back in the ‘yo like i left something
i came to bring it back like i kept something
bless something
that’s church so
it’s only right i confess something
say only judge can judge me
well i don’t believe in god, you’re lucky
because i believe in my moms
and i believe in my squad
and i believe in my people
so i could never go wrong
i never feel i belong
i’m outta place unless i’m making these songs
its dawned on me
i haven’t been in the bay in a long time
and everybody’s set on taking my home
i’m creating a throne
trying to be the third dr. dre of new orleans
and come back to the ‘sco like i own it
we believe that you wrote it, but you cloned it
you either didn’t know it
or thought we wouldn’t notice
hoe sh-t, d-mn, motherf-cker
you don’t even deserve to be a focus
all battles are won or lost
before they’re even fought
call that sh-t the trap until their -ss got caught
and rappers keep it real until their -ss gets bought
is that what it’s really about?
i don’t care, i’ll make my own lane
i ain’t worried about the game
i got my own issues that i’m trying to maintain
if you’ve seen me on my campaign
then you could be the first to say
that there’s a demon inside of me
breathing it hides in me
three times the size of me
anywhere i go, it’s always down to ride with me
victoria’s secret, confide in me
only the moon can see us
all the reasons i should leave it
but there’s so much between us
i f-ck them off and keep it
at the show, n-body’s there but my boy from the old block
how the little homie is?
bout to hit a road block
we’re hip hop, bruh, can’t stop won’t stop
we might got popped, but we don’t get dropped
said he needs a father figure, but i think he’s got plenty
a gangsta’ -ss grampa living in central city
i live in uptown, but got people in the ninth
and my people in the seventh
we’re like gumbo we combine
my pops told me, what you’re looking at
it be looking back
i’m gonna give little homie what they thought he couldn’t have
before i hit the studio i took about half
way i see it, if i keep giving it’ll all be coming back
all coming back
13 cemetaries, all come in black
and you won’t see me coming with it
think it’s all a gimmick?
bet it’s real easy to be a f-cking cynic
i should be in a cell for it
i should probably be in h-ll for it
but instead of letting it hold me back
it propelled me forward
so dwell on that
i let my fam feast you just sell them scr-ps
redemption ain’t a pension
and your mention ain’t ascension
and i don’t need your god to tell me that