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lirik lagu 1997 – corey st.rose


i ain’t really regular

i’m with demons

i’m with paradors

anti social can’t get next to me

i got your main b*tch

necking me

i think this rapping meant

for me

trying build me legacy

got find my own destiny

told that b*tch remember me x2

yeah i see the fake love

don’t be loving me
got my heart rip out

it humble me

so had to go back

when i was counting all these racks

and didn’t care about b*tch

i’m the truth

i’m legit

don’t be playing with my n*gga

i got 2 hand guns

really spray one these n*ggas

or call dam cuz

just lay one of n*ggas

every time go up
everything go down

yeah we on quartine

but i still got the crown

i’m be still smoking gas

you block work

2 shot ima show glock work

they love me they wait til i pop first

now i see the fake thru the real

when my cousin died shìt gave me chills

that’s just pain

that a n*gga can’t deal

popping pills cause a n*gga can’t cheel

i be thinking life now
life now

told shawty go pipe down

pipe down


new ice yeah i’m drip out

drip out

only love me cause i’m lit now

lit now

un graceful ass n*gga

had to kick them out the picture

beat n*ggas ass run down

dereck fisher


you said you my brother but

left me in the gutter

we gonna see who gonna win

n*gga this the last supper

verse 2 *

reloading the clip

hold on my n*gga

don’t miss

moving funny this n*gga a b*tch

get this bag yeah i gotta get rich


everything lit

a n*gga never quit

started in the trap

now the money real legit

bagging the up the o’s

and i’m shipping out the zips

i’m check the temperature

n*gga ain’t on sh*t

oh oh okay

i’m taking off rocket sh*t

i can take over the world

everyday be trip

i got b*tches on b*tches

i feel like pimp

this money be heavy

i walk with a limp

your money look scary

it look real skimp “weed”

i want me some grammys

i need me some chips

how can i live

how can i sleep

i’m facing my fears

i ain’t scared of defeat