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lirik lagu bdubz – corydacretin


tell em they ain’t safe
when i show up to the club
blow my cash in lengths
i won’t spend it onna dub
never at my house
police showing up
say i moving weight
but never finding drugs

keep my ass in place
but i’m climbing up the corners
ima pour a drank
syrup droppin like a quarter
if i sip it all
ima meant the coroner
taken all these drugs
being sober ima foreigner

(verse 1)
i was at the top when all that sh*t went left for me
brought me back to life
this time as a refugee
yea i miss the pills
but i feel like god testing me
like a laced bar
why these hoes pressing me
why they all pressing me
check da current score
ik it can attest for me
like i’m off da shrooms
why they all texting me
see me onna news
n 12 keep arresting me
wtf i do
cause it all perplexing me
wanna ice skate
tell me what the pressure be
real turn to fake
you find out where the pressure be
charges pile up
n my momma always lecture me
say give it all up
and live with all the memories
i can’t let it go
cuz i love how the pressure be
sum idk
ima learn it like discovery
like a older b*tch
so point me where the mothers be
(verse 2)
girl this ain’t my kid
jus tell me where the gummies be
flex onna skeeter
cuz ian showing no love
scooop her in my beamer
then take her ass to bdubz
bf gon beat her
but ion give not 2 f*cks
leave her ass on read
and give her withdrawls
hit her back up
so she can wash draws
morals be shakey
like they standing onna log
hit em with a fakie
confusing all the laws
why the all slating
tell em take da covers off
ion do debating
cuz ion talk to y’all
know the feds f*cken hate
but ian taunting y’all
4 loko got me lazy
ina stu nodding off
everything fugazi
im saying f*ck it all
tell that b*tch to make me
or do not talk at all
call her my lul baby
then tell her take it offf
phone always ringing
cuz ion answer calls
man that boy tweaken
ima have to cut em offf
shoes always squeaking
it’s the first time they been on
ask me what i’m eating
lobster n filet mignon
got me over eating sweating
like the summer sun
tell em they safe when i show up to the club

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