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lirik lagu 11ave $lum$ – $courge


[ verse 1: ne$$y ]

hoe please, frontin like we homies mothaf-ckin phonies mothaf-cka you don’t know me

tough talk turns to being sucked off lots of blood loss when the gun talk leave you dumped off

speaking blood be seepin in the places i be creepin bullets catch you while you sleeping

these mothaf-ckas crumble when we rumble put you in a jumble

call me johnny with the tommy the tsunami mommy nes is coming to bomb me

catch you at the bus stop hear the gun shot leave a chump chopped let the blood drop

rollin in like al capone clapped in your dome me and $t–zy all alone

coming out the grave wiping the dirt cleaning my shirt leaving ya burnt

watch out get the chalk out leave you knocked out

steady flow when the techs blow let’s go it’s on and it’s on because i said so, ima dead soul this the death blow

[ verse 2: yung $t–z ]

yuh, b-tch 11ave slums, i ain’t repping sh-t straight street where

i’m from, f-ck my city ima leave it in the dusk, yea i’m f-cking

salty cuz you never shared once, you a f-cking hoe suck d-ck

when you drunk, laughin at depression cuz you only live once

p-ssing on my grave ima crucify a nun, i dont give a sh-t so my middle

finger up, f-ck around wit me get hit with the blade, i laugh at

yo hate now get outta my face, jump out the gate in the

demons we pray , uh, yuh, escape my own ward then i roll to shoot

up, f-ck it i’m mental please lock me away, melt all my keys

and don’t feed me for days, electric chair ready my time for the