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lirik lagu 0 to 100 (remix) – courtney antipas


this is for fun yall
let’s get it

welcome me back i’m in a new phase
i’m sure you know this homie by the name change
let the ill go i ain’t sick with it boy
i walk free
no bars home i be acquitted
they listening and thinking i’ve relapsed on them
i’m moving forward homie
i ain’t looking back on them
grown man tip
all these boys talking baloney
the type of stuff you put inside a sandwich
i don’t really care
got my family i’m straight
i don’t need your fake love see
inside i know i’m great
and even if they hate, its cool though
but you can’t deny that this angel of the sky spit with a smooth flow
this be me expressing myself in a booth yo
own lane talk but never fit in their shoes though
let me loose like the cracking on these rap gods
small g new slaves
all got it backwards
never pretend boy i spit facts
al-qaida these bars homie i body tracks
i’m tryna have fun while i’m at it
bout to blow like i got the bomb in my jacket
whoa hold up
i never getting violent
all i want to do is leave this rap game silent
all i want to see is you bopping your head vibing
maybe to this lyrics moving your lips miming
i ain’t trying to be the king but the outcast
spit the truth i ain’t gotta spit about cash
i ain’t care shorty frame like an hour gl-ss
real women don’t twerk see they got cl-ss
these rappers want your daughters on the poles
turn our african queens into their little hoes
but you ain’t gotta be fooled
you are royalty
you ain’t gotta let them treat you like a garden tool
i’m off the wall like dan and lo
like 50 cent my ambition is super animo
i ain’t cool with mediocrity
watch this
i ain’t comfortable with being a whatsapp artist
never follow the trends
i’m not a wanna be
art from the heart
you can call my style artery
ain’t no compet-tion in my lane kid
only god challenges the one i always take a selfie with
(hah) braeside representor
flow so cold like the winter
flow so bold let them know i drop joules for the souls
when their reach the pearly gates they will enter
yes sir!
i’m like daniel you can throw me in the lion’s den
come back five minutes later now they all my friends
no gimmicks, homie i’m a survivor
been through the flames no wonder i spit fire
they say you christian go back in your box
the way you spitting is unorthodox
get it right i ain’t here to please n-body
see a homie got freedom so i live it out
they like yo, why you rapping over drake beat
i just gave them another reason to hate me
let them say what they feel
they never sway me
i’m a conductor i never let the world change me