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lirik lagu human resource – cousin boneless


another boulder rolls down the mountain
as the serpent eats its tail
sh-t in the water sh-t out more children
skipping rope with the earth’s entrails
as by malthus foretold unchecked expansion in a finite world
the center cannot hold
the center cannot hold

you deserve to be more than a human resource
you don’t wanna be there when nature takes its course
eating from your feedbag blinders on just like a good workhorse
but it’s a pretty steep cliff you’re dragging this wagon towards

society in freefall convinced that its flying
just cause you draw breath doesn’t mean you’re not dying
surprise and denial, oh we tried you’ll say
the status quo meant more than the price others pay
cl-ss war’s about more than standard of living
its hollow stuffed technocrats short sighted thinking
they mechanize labor till we fight over scr-ps
then shrug at the effects of their industrial mishaps
only race on their mind is the one for the dollar
but they foster xenophobia divide and conquer

tear it down

balanced on a knifes edge
a hairs breadth from the precipice
the sword of damascus will fall regardless of acknowledgement
a bunch of frogs in a boiling pot scoff at the existence of a stovetop