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lirik lagu grim – cousin chief


[verse 1]
numerous j’s to the face, now i can feel my body
they’ll probably find weed in me at my autopsy
i’m just trying to climb to the top and learn from what i see
i’ve been on thin ice for so long i’m playing hockey

east side, charm city; my town
rest in power tony; he six feet underground
we gon’ make it for you and meet again in the clouds
i’m sick of you clowns claiming you been doing this

five whole years, n0body knows what your movement is?
that don’t add up but it will, stay positive
i don’t talk trash you -ss, i just sh-t on you
run up unannounced i’ll show you how that machete moves

as long as you don’t cross the line we can smoke and groove
if them devils pulling you over don’t make no sudden moves
if a cop shoot me and i burn in h-ll after it
imma come back like a zombie and start burning sh-t!

“a funeral for freddie gray is being held right now. on april 12th, the 25 year old was arrested. he suffered from a fatal spinal cord injury in police custody and he died a week later. let’s take a live look inside the funeral.”

[verse 2]
i don’t claim to be the best, but know i’m a veteran
ptsd and depression and smoking medicine
talking hip hop? i’m a solid representative
hunting like a lion when a meal is in from of him

left god a voicemail, the earth started trembling
burned an ounce with satan then proceeded to dismember him
we’ve been to h-ll and back, pardon me for seeming grim
i’ve been in the gym now my goal is way above a rim

the revolution is being televised
actually our entire lives under cameras eyes
we ain’t unified cause a plan was devised
when a leader is a tyrant you will soon see demise

no tears, my eyes california dry
i just got a few questions and the number one is why?
if freedom is the reason we take innocent lives
is freedom really the mission? and who’s paying the price?!

“so watch your back… especially when you’re black.”