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lirik lagu talk – cousin stizz


[hook x2]
this for the people, follow and i’ll lead you
dont let em’ decieve you, these n-ggas is see-through
they claim to be kings, but these n-ggas is regal
and my trap is lethal, everything we do illegal

[verse 1: cousin stizz]
cold as an igloo, in this game ain’t no re-dos’
so you can’t pull the wool over my eyes, like a playbook ima’ read you
i dont believe you, can’t trust you as far as i’ll heave you
yall rockin cheap suits, all of my n-ggas in mink suits
i got me some gold t–th, now i think i need some rings too
i got me a new plug, impressed by the way that them things move
i need me a new drug, was smoking before it became cool
but y’all be so into fads, you do what i do like my name is dad
i knew it, i knew it, you n-ggas g-ssed
that whole crew that you wit, them n-ggas -ss
you blew it, you too into chitter-chat
maneuver, maneuver, then get it back
i do it so fluent when in the trap
i school you cuz’ you need a piggy back
i still be smoking on the sticky pack
i handle all problems, no tick for tacks
f-ck is you lookin’ at, put you on game then i took it back
i’m on my grown man ain’t no rookie raps, i drive with more bars then i hook it back
we ain’t have no lights in the crooked trap, i styled these rhymes while they cookin crack
i didn’t finesse i just took his pack, pulled out the strap he was shook with that


[verse 2: jefe replay]
these n-ggas ain’t really my n-ggas, forget em’ but never forgive em
they showin a few of my symptoms, i just been fillin’ perscriptions
servin’ that work out the rental, slurrin’ my words [?]
shoutout to the money from ya’ sl-t, she just met me she gon’ give it up
these shawties’ f-ckin for a mention bruh, i done rapped it then i lived it bruh
had a taste now i can’t get enough, they gone talk but tell em give it up
who the f-ck is you kiddin bruh? thought you was on wit a half a pack
half you wack and n-gga that’s a fact, me and my n-gga brought rappin’ back
who the f-ck is you rappin at, we all got shooters until the rack
and they come and move you to boost they stats, dunk on ya’ partner then shimmy back
translation hop out like gimme that, hangin outside of that mini van
whispers of death come from any man, but i still walk through my city man