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lirik lagu white noise – craft


let’s all endure the human experience
distasteful, tiresome thing
let’s regress, let’s obsess, let’s sit back and let us all be useless instead
let’s pretend to forge some worthwhile bonds, come on, let’s lie to ourselves!
f*ck you, i’ll waste no time on you, you’re insignificant, i can already tell
let’s build some mental prison cells, let’s not risk getting out
we wouldn’t want to have to face ourselves, and there’s a whole lot of empty about
mighty strokes fell microscopic oaks, so what’s the point in trying to excel?
i despise all of you, i’m in some tedious level of h*ll
meaningless points dressed in pointless words, don’t let a lack of ideas hold you back
let’s pay attention to what other people do, and let them know how it’s offensive to you
let’s ignore what testimony show, let every dumb idea grow
your world is not important to me, i couldn’t care any less about you
drowning in a sea of white noise!