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lirik lagu what you’re used to – craig g


yeah, smooth
check it out

(the style that you’re used to)–> humpty hump

you hear a lot of different songs
but a lot of the same style
you know
so i thought i’d dabble you with a style that ain’t
and bring out somethin different
it’s not the style that you’re used to
so lend me your ear
have a open mind, and i’m sure you’ll find
entertainment in this rhyme
so we gon’ swing it just like this

(the style that you’re used to)

now this is different
not too different, but different from the last
you’ll have a blast as soon as somebody p-ss
the mic to me
mc c-r-a-i-g
dash g, ask me
whatever you ask me, don’t p-ss me
a ryhme cause that mistake might be ghastly
in time i might find a new rapper to kill
yeah, that’s just how i feel
skill – skills portrait for what jams are played
and how many rappers are out gettin paid
and who sports the dopest lookin fade
nah – that don’t make the grade
rhymes – rhymes that leave you all just confined
in your room to excercise your mind
is the only brand, only kind
to me that sounds fine
so yo, next time you even try to flow
find a style of rhymes that go
go exactly with the way that you choose to
not the style that we’re used to

(the style that you’re used to)

performance – performance is enough to know
who can pick up the microphone and throw
throw a rhyme that makes the crowd scream ‘ho’
yeah, yeah, yeah, i’m sure you know
style – style is what drives the crowd wild
and have the people in the aisles
dancin in a single file – never actin mild
labels – labels they don’t have a clue
of the things a rapper goes through
they go through a lot, yo, it’s true
believe me, they do
they push you and make you believe what they think
then blame it on you when you sink
then tell the whole staff that you stink
well, that’s now what i think
see, if they woulda let you do it just the way that you do
your style wouldn’t be the same style that we’re used to

(the style that you’re used to)

swing it

brand-new styles
for the 1990

let me talk about lyrics

yo, lyrics – lyrics are the key to success
success is to keep your rhymes fresh
and mind clear of all kinds of mess
that might lead you to death
be careful – careful of what style you choose
cause in this rap field you can lose
and lose real big if you move
or make the wrong move
so soothe – soothe the whole crowd with your groove
and always have somethin to prove
and don’t let no one fill your shoes
cause you’ll both look like fools
fools – they never really go by the rules
and don’t really have the right tools
but still they think their records sound cool
cause their crews in it too
and just cause they’re winnin they will always try to bruise you
and make you do the same style that we’re used to

but me, this song is not the same style that you’re used to
i know it sounds akward
but yo, it’s just not what you’re used to
i’m outta here
and blessings

(the style that you’re used to)