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lirik lagu what’s behind the mask – cramps


(lux interior, ivy rorschach)

i’ve been seein’ you for months
comin’ to this place
now what i want to know is, honey,
when do i see your face?

i know you been hidin’ somethin’
secrets in your past
ooh, baby, i just gotta know
what’s behind the mask?

please, baby, please please
give me one quick glance
now how come i can’t see your face when i
see what’s in your pants?

is it a skin condition
or an extra eye?
surgical incision?
i keep wonderin’ why (why?)

ahh, you ain’t wearin’ silver bullets
or carvin’ z’s in chests
it’s been months since halloween
honey i can’t guess

now just relax and let me lift up this edge
and let me take a peek
oooo let me have a look in here…

well curiosity killed this cat
sorry i ever asked
what i don’t know can’t hurt me but just
what’s behind the mask, oh

what’s behind the mask, girl
what’s behind the mask, ooo
what’s behind that mask, girl
sorry i ever asked!