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lirik lagu reminisce – criminalz


[ verse 1: spice 1 ]
i’m reminiscin about my n-gg- [name], man, he was shot 30 times
you know my n-gg- jay, well, he was stabbed in his sleep and i’m
just wonderin what it would be like if we still had pac
or if eazy was still alive, man, this sh-t woulda been hard to stop
i miss my n-gg-s big mike, money, my cousin boo
lost my father in ’97, man, i miss him too
it’s just so many soldiers fall into early graves in the game
obituaries on the wall, n-gg-s murdered and slain
dyin in vain,? subject to a violent death
no peace felt in your soul, so your spirit can’t rest
god bless me and my homies, we trapped in this thug world
addicted to fast money, fast cars and girls
sh-t, my n-gg- e bay, he got 20 fed time
and i probably won’t see him again till that n-gg- 49
and my n-gg- young [name] i done known since 3rd grade
he been down for 5 years, he get out in 2008

[ chorus: j.r. (2x) ]
you know it’s times, times like this
these are the days when i reminisce
on all my homies that’s dead and gone
and all my folks that ain’t comin home

[ verse 2: celly cel ]
it’s all bad when i reminisce thinkin about my folks
they got caught up in a twist, man, i miss
the things we used to do, mayne, the way we used to kick it
and even if i did some dumb sh-t y’all was with it
ride with me if i was, wright or wrong
if it’s funky then it’s on, from the shoulder ofs the chrome
and we was gone, off that alcohol
and it really didn’t matter if you was broke or if you balled
it was all love, the only thing that’s good sh-t
is that down and dirty 110% hood sh-t
when a n-gg- got yo back and you got his
when a n-gg- ride for you like he ride for his kids
real sh-t, real talk, if you walk the walk
this for all my n-gg-s surrounded by yellow tape and lined in chalk
we spillin some liquor for y’all, y’all free now and we slaves
caught up in the streets, and these is flowers for your graves

[ chorus (2x) ]

[ verse 3: jayo felony ]
all my n-gg-s that fell victim at the wrong place at the wrong time
it’s enough to make you lose it, gotta maintain a strong mind
the game is cold, another soul lost, said he ain’t comin back
one life, one love, n-gg-, don’t get caught in the act
straight hate made me have to retaliate and set it straight
cause i can’t be the only one that’s gon’ be goin to a wake
or goin to his place to get him, hit him up, i know he soft
i’m knowin that i gotta do him, zip him up and roll him off
it’s all about survival, homie, and you know i got a seed
what’s after this for me? n-gg-, this the life of a gee
and it’s f-cked up it’s gotta be this way, i’m trippin today
i’m rippin fast, dippin fast, while i’m grippin my k
the other day my n-gg- died by my side, somebody hide me
cause i just took two n-gg-s out from the other side, see?
i watched him try to crawl for safety, then croak in front of his folks
and y’all n-gg-s shoulda seen what the papers wrote

[ chorus (5x) ]