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lirik lagu april’s girlfriend – cross canadian ragweed


i hear shakin’ down at that 36 club.
i walked out onto dixon street, don’t you know i fell in love
with this girl whose name was april.
the drinks were tastin’ fine, i knew i had til two o’clock,
i could make her mine.
that’s when she walked in…april’s girlfriend.

well ain’t that just my luck, two girls give me one heartache.
when they sat down together man, it was more than i could take.
so i picked up my guitar,
i sat there for a moment with my heart down in my shoes
and i caught an evil grin from april’s girlfriend.

well i don’t give up that easy, i’ll be back again
i’ll let her know she moves me with letters that i send
and you better be good, girlfriend and if she change her mind
be d-mn sure i’ll be creepin’ upon you, sneakin’ up behind…
april’s girlfriend. she ain’t my friend, april’s girlfriend.
she ain’t my friend. no, there ain’t no women rounnd here for a
guitar man, no there ain’t no woman round here for a guitar man.