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lirik lagu to fathom the stars – crow black sky


the midnight heavens whisper in tongues of ancient light
their sources now transfigured through aeons long gone by

innumerable worlds with atmospheres untold
frigid peaks and landscapes, volcanic afterglow
waters encircling with stirrings of life
proliferations that gradually give rise

the stars attended by their creations
harnessed by elder civilizations
forging the cosmos through splendrous ruination
sowing their substance for distant generations

stars die, worlds form, life arises and falls

the galaxies in their billions, spirals and spheres
with wings of woven stars inclined to cohere
structures of sidereal light merging as one
with myriads of alien worlds awakening, orbiting their suns

within this existence and cosmos so vast
we are nothing, as is our past
observing their motions and workings from afar
with reverence, with worship, with wonder, i fathom the stars