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lirik lagu requiem – cruel youth


easy, never said i’m easy
creepin’ in after i saw i’d never speak again
high enough to disregard
why you feelin’ so demeaned
when i go down you won’t even notice me

ridin’ the love on the deepest
god never got the time
too late to tease
ain’t no secret
you call me baddy ‘cause i like to win
red boy, you’re proud like it ain’t sh*t, no stress
smile like you know me when i pull you in
fresh from thе wreckage like a rеquiem

you only like me when i let you in
then took the l from me
you love to press
say i’m your favorite when you pull me in
fresh from the wreckage like a requiem
you only like me when i…

(that’s all i got)