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lirik lagu vamp life – cruzin


hug you, love you
all i can give is my time

aye, aye, aye

spent the evening trying to find the lost
mix the brown with the white, sipping alcohol
’till the day i black out, sh*t i’m better off
smoking spliffs ’till i’m (?)
went along with my vices, it was really wrong
mid*crisis, had to pull away from the storm
in my heart, in the pestle, white is slipped again
(?) is feeling like the only medicine
up all night trying to find another benz
take some rest, ’cause you know i’ll never sell again
the adrenalinе k!lled all the hesitancе
still i have days, they confused, (?)
teached my lessons, but i’m still here struggling
(?) and emotions should have been, k!lled a friend
cut my therapist, ’cause i ain’t even benefit
seek power though words of encouragement
i seek en*nourishment, i seek en*nourishment
trying to be a better man