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lirik lagu need you – cry


i thought we were free till i found out different.
i thougt we’d escape
but we still have to wait.
you helped me stay calm though we’ve been bombarded.
and strengthened me with love through an arduous campaign.
so much closer than we were. . .
makes it all worth fighting for. . .
faint hearts and promises let me down.
and i need you. . .
yes i need you.
you’re my shadow.
oho, oho, i’m sure it’s right.
careful with your friends or they’ll end up jealous,
loyalty and love are never for sale.
i thought we’d escaped
all the complications,
i thought we’d escaped
but we still had to fail open-eyed and innocent,
situations aggrevate faint hearts,
and promises let me down
and i need you
yes i need you,
you ‘re my shadow
oho, oho, i’m sure it’s all right.